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For Certified Divers – The FUN never stops

Scuba Review (not dived for 12mths +)

  • Course


  • Scuba Review – beach dive

    AED 250

    • Haven’t been diving for some time, refresh your skills in a controlled environment and build your confidence. You’ll be back in shape in no time. Time required – approx. 3 hours
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  • Scuba Review – 2 boat

    AED 550

    • Refresh your skills on dive 1 and then enjoy a guided dive with a dive professional. Dive 2 is nothing but pleasure to watch you glide through the water.
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  • Adventure Diver Course

    AED 1400

    • Busy schedule but still want to improve your skills and confidence in the water? Complete 3 Adventure Dives and become an Adventure Diver.
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  • Advanced Open Water

    AED 1900

    • Time to explore the wonders of the underwater world. The Advanced Open Water course will train you to dive to 30m. 5 dives are required, you must complete a deep dive and a navigation dive, and you select the 3 remaining dives from a list of PADI Adventure dives.
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  • Advanced Open Water Diver – eLearning

    AED 1500 + £99

    • Ask the Prodive Team if the dives you want to do are available via eLearning. If so, you have the luxury of siting back in your favorite chair and completing everything online. If not, you’ll have the pleasure of the Prodive staff to entertain you.
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Rescue Courses – Some serious FUN

  • Course


  • Emergency First Response (EFR) *

    AED 800

    • This first aid course will teach you how to provide primary and secondary first aid care, how best to utilize the tools you have and how to involve others in tasks, which suit them.
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  • EFR – Care for Children
    (CFC) *

    AED 800

    • Similar to the above course however, the main focus is caring for the little ones, how to hold them, how to appropriately apply first aid techniques.
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  • Oxygen Provider *

    AED 900

    • Learn how to administer oxygen appropriately and for the correct reasons.
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  • EFR + CFC *

    AED 1400

    • Combine both EFR and CFC together to master your skills and provide the best possible care with confidence.
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  • EFR Refresher *

    AED 500

    • Already first aid qualified but need a refresher? This course will take you through up to date methods and techniques to provide the needed care.
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  • Rescue Diver

    AED 2400

    • This is a course for confidence building and improving your skills. Learn how to rescue your buddy or another diver when there is a problem. During this course we will discuss many different scenarios and teach you the appropriate methods to react and deal with each situation.
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  • Rescue Diver – eLearning

    AED 1900 + £103

    • As above, just in the comfort of your own home.
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  • Rescue Diver +
    EFR combined

    AED 2700

    • Combine both courses together for convenience. Take your learning from the EFR course straight in to your rescue course.
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  • Rescue Diver + EFR
    combined – eLearning

    AED 2250

    • Your rescue course can be completed through eLearning but you will need to catch up with our professional instructors to complete your EFR course. You get the best of both worlds.
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* Not a diving based course.

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